V-Dem Dataset - Version 10

Here you can download all the V-Dem data free of charge!


  • Countries: 202 countries
  • Year coverage: 1789-2019
  • 470+ V-Dem indicators, 82 indices and 5 high-level indices

How to download a V-Dem Dataset:

  1. Select type of dataset: Country-Year, Country-Date and Coder-Level
  2. Select size: V-Dem Core, V-Dem Full+Others
  3. Select format: SPSS, STATA, CSV and R
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Each ZIP includes:

  • Dataset 
  • Codebook V10
  • What's New
  • Cautionary Notes
  • Suggested Citation



Country-Year: V-Dem Core

The five high-level V-Dem Democracy Indices, 82 indices, and the indicators constituting them.





Country-Year: V-Dem Full+Others

All 470+ V-Dem indicators and indices + 59 other indicators from other data sources.




R  (For R users, we recommend to install our vdemdata R package which includes the most recent V-Dem dataset and some useful functions to explore the data.)

Country-Date: V-Dem

All 470+ V-Dem indicators and indices





Coder-Level: V-Dem

Data coded by Country Experts and coder-reliability scores from the Measurement Model output


Quickstart Guide

This quickstart guide is largely an extraction of text from the codebook, but is compiled as a means for a first quick look at the V-dem dataset. For reference, detailed explanations, cautionary notes, and information on all variables, please view the codebook and our other reference documents. Access the guide here:  V-Dem Startquide.pdf (1.2 MB)

What's New and Cautionary Note:

We encourage you to read the What's New.pdf (144.1 KB)  and V-Dem Cautionary Notes v10 .

These notes are also included in the dataset packages.


  • CSV: When loading the csv file into a statistical software one must specify the encoding as UTF-8 and the delimiter as comma. In Microsoft Excel 2016 that would work the following way: Data -> Get External Data -> From Text; Choose the csv file, this opens the Text Import Wizard; Specify 'Delimited' and choose '65001: Unicode (UTF-8)' as File origin.
  • STATA-IC: Example to select individual variables from a large dataset: use country_name v2x_polyarchy using V-Dem-CY-Full+Others-v9.dta


Coppedge, Michael, John Gerring, Carl Henrik Knutsen, Staffan I. Lindberg, Jan Teorell, David Altman, Michael Bernhard, M. Steven Fish, Adam Glynn, Allen Hicken, Anna Luhrmann, Kyle L. Marquardt, Kelly McMann, Pamela Paxton, Daniel Pemstein, Brigitte Seim, Rachel Sigman, Svend-Erik Skaaning, Jeffrey Staton, Steven Wilson, Agnes Cornell, Nazifa Alizada, Lisa Gastaldi, Haakon Gjerløw, Garry Hindle, Nina Ilchenko, Laura Maxwell, Valeriya Mechkova, Juraj Medzihorsky, Johannes von Römer, Aksel Sundström, Eitan Tzelgov, Yi-ting Wang, Tore Wig, and Daniel Ziblatt. 2020. ”V-Dem [Country–Year/Country–Date] Dataset v10”. Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Project. https://doi.org/10.23696/vdemds20.


Pemstein, Daniel, Kyle L. Marquardt, Eitan Tzelgov, Yi-ting Wang, Juraj Medzihorsky, Joshua Krusell, Farhad Miri, and Johannes von Römer. 2020. “The V-Dem Measurement Model: Latent Variable Analysis for Cross-National and Cross-Temporal Expert-Coded Data”. V-Dem Working Paper No. 21. 5th edition. University of Gothenburg: Varieties of Democracy Institute.


The V-Dem datasets are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License CC-BY-SA-license.txt (19.7 KB) .


We encourage users of V-Dem data to submit papers to be published as Users' Working Papers . Contact nazifa.alizada@v-dem.net for submissions.


Will be available shortly.



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