The V-Dem Dataset

Includes the world's most comprehensive and detailed democracy ratings. The latest version of the dataset and associated reference documents can be downloaded below.

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V-Dem Dataset Version 11.1

Note: For v11, there was a mistake in aggregating a number of A and A* variables from country-date to country-year by using the wrong aggregation method, most often using maximum instead of last or last instead of maximum per country-year. Most indices were not affected by this as they get calculated using country-date inputs. The following indices were affected and were recalculated for v11.1, the number of changed observations in comparison to v11 are in parenthesis: v2x_horacc (all), v2x_accountability (all), v2x_veracc (all), v2x_diagacc (all), v2x_divparctrl (45), v2x_feduni (8), v2x_regime (24), v2x_regime_amb (25), v2x_ex_confidence (17), v2x_ex_direlect (8), v2x_ex_hereditary (21), v2x_ex_military (52), v2x_ex_party (27). The affected A and A* variables were re-aggregated using the correct method for v11.1.

Reference Documents


V-Dem is committed to full transparency and we are constantly working to improve our data. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our datasets.