V-Dem: Международные стандарты, локальные знания

Проект «Многообразие демократии» нацелен на создание базы данных с показателями демократии. Наша команда состоит из 30 исследователей, базирующихся на 6 континентах. Мы так же работаем с 3000 экпертами со всего мира.


Main findings of the Report 2018:

  • Autocratization is now manifesting in a number of large countries including Brazil, India, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. It affects one third of the world’s population - some 2.5 billion people. 
  • Exclusion due to socio-economic status has continuously become more severe since the 1970s. Intensified political exclusion now affect poorer groups in countries home to one-quarter of the world’s population, or almost 2 billion people. Despite gradual advances, inclusion remains an illusion.


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