Call for Country Experts: Be part of the largest ever project on democracy

The Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem) is looking for Country Experts to assist with the next data update in January 2020 and contribute to making the largest dataset on democracy even better. We are currently looking for Country Experts for these 19 countries:

Ghana, Montenegro, Afghanistan, Belgium, Cambodia, Finland, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkmenistan

The Role of a Country Expert

About half of the V-Dem data depends on evaluations by Country Experts - individuals with deep knowledge of a specific thematic area for a particular country, or set of countries.

We conduct annual updates of the V-Dem database. During these updates, most Country Experts work on one country, observed over the past several decades, and on one or two clusters of questions, e.g.: (1) elections and political parties, (2) the executive, the legislature and deliberation, (3) judiciary, civil liberty and sovereignty, (4) civil society, media freedom and political equality, and (5) digital society, exclusion (6) civic and academic space, party identity and organization. The coding procedure is entirely web-based.

The default language for the online surveys is English but the survey also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

You must be available to conduct the survey during 3-26 January 2020.


You will receive a compensation of 25 USD per completed survey (typically, a couple of hours to complete) – or can donate it back to future data collection! Our two new surveys on Party Identity and Organisation and Civic and Academic Space command honorarium of 120 USD and 75 USD respectively.

How to apply?

The selection of Country Experts is based on a number of criteria. Generally, a Country Expert holds a PhD degree, is usually a resident of the country in question and has specialized knowledge in at least one of the sections of the V-Dem survey. For more information about the selection criteria and methods, consult the V-Dem reference materials.

Please note that V-Dem applies a rigorous vetting and application process. Also, the need varies by country and specialization, features that we cannot anticipate prior to each year’s selection (If we do not need someone in your area of specialization this year we might next year; so, it is vital to have your information on file).

We are grateful for your assistance. The V-Dem project depends upon the expertise of those who study the world of democracy. The success of the project, and its continuance, depends upon the contributions we receive from scholars around the world.

Please submit your application here

If you are already a Country Expert and would like to code for these countries or suggest Experts, please email Garry Hindle, or Nazifa Alizada,