Research Assistants

Research Assistants, University of Gothenburg


Dominik Hirndorf

Research Assistant

Dominik holds a Master’s in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz and a Master’s in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg. His MA thesis examined the link between perceived political efficacy and voting for a far-right populist party in Europe.

Sandra Grahn.JPG

Sandra Grahn

Research Assistant

V-Dem Institute, Department of Political Science, 
University of Gothenburg

Interns, Spring 2020


Lydia Barbara Finzel

Aarhus University

20 Jan - 27 Mar 2020

Lydia holds a BA from the University of Mannheim and is currently studying MSc in Political Science at Aarhus University. She decided to look behind the scenes of the Institute's work and data collection process after getting familiar with the V-Dem dataset during her exchange semester at the University of Gothenburg. For her, the internship offers the possibility to get some hands-on experience for working with empirical and quantitative data as well as learning new trends in research on democracy. 

Lukas Bernhard profile picture.png

Lukas Bernhard 

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

20 Jan - 27 Mar 2020

Lukas holds a Bachelor's in Social Science from the University of Stuttgart and is currently studying an M.A. Empirical Research in Democracy at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. During his BA thesis, he examined the role of independent judiciaries in authoritarian regimes and got deeply interested in democracy research.



Research Assistants, United States


Fernando Bizzarro Neto

University of Notre Dame


Matthew Maguire

Boston University


Lucia Tiscornia

University of Notre Dame

Lee Cojocaru.png

Lee Cojocaru

Boston University

Lee is holding a BA in Political Science and a MA in Communication from National School of Politics (Bucharest, Romania) and is currently a PhD student at Boston University. His research interests include Eastern European politics, identity politics, and democratization.

Former Research Assistants

Emily Walsh, University of Gothenburg and University of Konstanz

Tatsiana Rahozina, Lund University

Ana Flavia Andrade Good God, University of Gothenburg

Olena Burutina, LUISS Guido Carli University, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, University of London (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)

Victoria Anglin, University of Notre Dame

Alexaundria Barnes, University of Notre Dame

Yannik Bendel, University of Gothenburg

Gable Brady, University of Notre Dame

Christopher Brown, University of Notre Dame

Jordan Brown, University of Notre Dame

Micah Burbanks-Ivey, University of Notre Dame

Daniel Colston, University of Notre Dame

Ana Dionne-Lanier, University of Notre Dame

Steven Fisher, University of Notre Dame

Annika Fredén, University of Gothenburg

Taylor Freeman, University of Notre Dame

Matthieu Huon, University of Notre Dame

Chad Kiewiet de Jonge, University of Notre Dame

Eva Karlsdottir, University of Gothenburg

Josh Yesnowitz, Boston University

Joseph Robinson, Boston University

Ryan Schultheis, University of Notre Dame

Rodrigo Castro Cornejo, University of Notre Dame

Alejandro Avenburg, Boston University

Amy McDill, University of Notre Dame

Anthony Mendoza, University of Notre Dame

Lauren Metayer, University of Notre Dame

Angel Mira, University of Notre Dame

Chris Newton, University of Notre Dame

Monica O'Hearn, University of Notre Dame

Marcilena Shaeffer, University of Notre Dame

Yiren Shen, University of Notre Dame

Qineng Shi, University of Notre Dame

Tim Sullivan, University of Notre Dame

Breanna Thomas, University of Notre Dame

Celeste Villa-Rangel, University of Notre Dame

AnnaLee Rice, University of Notre Dame

Haixiao (Erik) Wang, University of Notre Dame

Njeri Williams, University of Notre Dame

Ionut Gusoi

Laura Maxwell, Emory University

Keith Weghorst, University of Florida

Vlad Ciobanu, University of Gothenburg

Muhammet Tahir Kilavuz, University of Notre Dame

Tove Ahlbom, University of Gothenburg

Talib Jabbar, Lund University

Claudia Meier, University of Gothenburg

Alex Kuhn, University of Gothenburg

Amanda Haraldson, University of Gothenburg

Arthur Chisanga, University of Gothenburg

Frida Andersson, University of Gothenburg

Joshua Krusell, University of Gothenburg

Ruben Dieleman, University of Gothenburg

Tolga Tan, University of Gothenburg

Sophie Cassell, University of Gothneburg 

Eric Bader, University of Gothneburg 

Francesco Picinelli, University of Siena

Janina Schlecht

Thomas Kräuchi, University of Gothneburg 

Per Ahlin Olofsson, University of Gothneburg 

Philipp Tönjes

Livia Radaeski, University of Gothneburg 

Shreeya Pillai, University of Gothneburg 

Lena Gunther, University of Gothneburg 

Artem Spirin, Lund University

Dominik Hirndorf, University of Constance/University of Gothenburg

Jonas Schauman, University of Åbo