Webinar: How to Defend Democracy against Illiberal Challengers?

Our Resource Guide “Defending Democracy against Illiberal Challengers” is out! It provides an overview of cutting-edge research and innovative ideas that you and your organization can enact for strengthening democracy. Democratic actors including politicians, activists, and journalists face dilemmas every day. This Resource Guide systematically analyzes strategies for addressing these dilemmas based on the available research evidence. 

To release the guide, the V-Dem Institute has organized a webinar. Anna Lührmann (V-Dem Institute), Daniel Ziblatt (Harvard University), Paulina Fröhlich (Progressive Zentrum) have joined for the introduction and discussion of the guide. Moderator was Christal Morehouse (OSIFE). You can watch the full webinar here

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Resource Guide

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Defending Democracy against Illiberal Challengers- A Resource Guide

Suggested citation: Anna Lührmann, Lisa Gastaldi, Dominik Hirndorf and Staffan I. Lindberg (Eds). 2020. Defending Democracy against Illiberal Challengers: A Resource Guide. Varieties of Democracy Institute/University of Gothenburg.

You may download it by clicking on the icon to the left or here.

Here is the Appendix (507.4 KB) to Part 4 on political parties.