Policy Work & Collaborations

V-Dem cooperates with a number of international organizations that work on democracy and development and has a network of democracy experts from academia and the policy world. We have published and contributed to a number of publications, organized and participated in conferences, workshops, and capacity-building trainings. 

These collaborations include: 

• The World Bank: V-Dem data are being used for the World Development Report 2017 and the V-Dem research team authored one background paper to the report. In addition, using the V-Dem infrastructure, a pilot data-collection study was conducted on measuring ‘elite power and interactions’ and ‘exclusion’.

• The United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 16): V- Dem was included in a Virtual Network aimed at identifying how the new goals should be measured and evaluated. The final proposal includes 60 V-Dem indicators. 

• B-Team: Working with the B-Team, V-Dem conducted a study of the relationship between expansion of civil liberties and increasing economic growth and human development. 

• Article 19: V-Dem supported the development of a measurement scheme using V-Dem data for their media freedom index and their annual report. 

• International IDEA: V-Dem put together the team and designed their democracy measurement scheme and aggregation for the organization’s reporting and evaluation. Also joint production of different types of reports and briefs, joint conferences, publications, consul- tancies, and outreach as well as dissemination activities. 

• Communities of Democracies (CoD): V-Dem is CoD’s main partner in constructing a global democracy measure based on their Warsaw Declaration, as well as provision of data for that measure. 

Policy Day

In collaboration with Quality of Government (QoG), Global and Local Democracy (GLD), ViEWs, UCPD, V-Dem organizes a policy dialogue conference to enhance the cooperation between researchers and democracy practitioners. The conference features not only V-Dem researchers, but also counts among its speakers leading experts on democratization, democracy, good government and corruption from over 50 organizations. 


As a part of its outreach and policy-oriented program, V-Dem Institute is offering courses and workshops that aim to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of quantitative democracy research among scholars and practitioners. 

Capacity building events on V-Dem data and statistical analysis for organizations were held at such organizations as International IDeA, DANIDA, eC/DeVCO and eeAS, Bibliotheca Alexandrina etc.

Find more about V-Dem Short Courses and Workshops here

Policy Briefs

We also produce Policy Briefs in a shorter format, available here