Demscore - Research infrastructure for Democracy, Environment, Migration, Social policy, Conflict, and Representation

V-Dem is hosting a newly established national infrastructure  - DEMSCORE - which brings together some of the world’s leading contextual research infrastructures and databases located at various Swedish universities. The main objective of DEMSCORE is to advance national and international research on complex societal challenges facing Sweden, Europe, and the world, including for instance how to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Demscore is building a world-leading hub for contextual data based with user-friendly access to data, documentation, and online visualization tools. The aim is also to expand methodological development in this field, through harmonizing gold-standard protocols of data collection, processing, provision and documentation.

The data is provided by several research institutes and incorporates:

  • the world’s largest data collection project on democracy – V-Dem Institute
  • the largest dataset on governance – Quality of Government
  • the infrastructure providing the world with authoritative data on armed conflicts – Uppsala Conflict Data Program/ViEWS
  • as well as the Comparative Policy Laboratory which brings together world leading data on social, environmental, and migration policies as well as Representative Democracy in Europe and its Neighbours combining leading datasets on national/local governments across Europe/OECD.
  • Historical Data Archive which is a hub for collecting, integrating and curating historical data for all the other modules;
  • Data on democracy and representation provided by Representative Democracy.

The project is being launched fall 2020 and we will provide more information soon.