Workshop "Insights from South America"

Nov. 14, 2017 news


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Varieties of Democracy Academic Workshop November 14, 2017

‘V-Dem Data from a Regional Perspective: Insights from South America’

Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá - Colombia


Morning Location: Aula Mutis

08.45-09.00  Welcome & Opening Remarks

Prof. Mónica Pachón, Dean School of Political Science, Government and International Relations, Rosario University

Mrs. Frida Zaric, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Sweden

Prof. Staffan I. Lindberg, Director of the V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg

09:00-09.45  V-Dem: New Approach to Data Collection and Methodology. Data Release: Largest Database on Democracy in History. V-Dem Annual Report 2017

09.45-10.00  Coffee break

10.00-10.45  V-Dem Data from a Regional Perspective: Insights from South America

10:45-11:00  Comments: Prof. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Raga (Universidad de los Andes)

11.00-12.00  Presentations by local scholars. Session 1.Prof. Sandra Botero and Prof. Mónica Pachón (Universidad del Rosario)

12.00-2.00    Lunch

Afternoon Location: Auditorio Jockey

2.00-3.00      Presentations by local scholars. Session 2. Prof. Juan Pablo Milanese (Universidad ICESI)

3.00-3.15      Comments session 1 and 2: Prof. Silvia Otero (Universidad del Rosario)

3.15-4.45      Workshop: “How to use V-Dem data in your work”*

4.45-5.00      Closing Remarks

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