Voter turnout in Great Britain

June 1, 2017 Weekly Graphs

When former conservative Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down following Brexit in 2016, newly appointed Theresa May called for a snap election. The election was approved by the parliament in April this year and the elections are planned for June 8. This week’s graph will look at voter turnout trends in United Kingdom, France and Albania where parliamentary elections also are planned in June.

With the Variable Graph Tool we can compare election turnout, as percentage of all registered voters casting a vote according to official results, between several countries at the time. In the graph below we can see that in United Kingdom voter turnout has been between 60 and 80 % since the 1980s. We can also notice a positive trend in recent elections. In France, however, we see decreasing election turnout since the mid-1990s, in the last election before the 2016 elections it fell below 60 %. Similarly, Albania has decreasing turnouts since its first election after independence in 1991 until the elections in 2009. Hopefully this positive trend continues for the upcoming elections.

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Election UK.png

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