V-Dem Dataset 6.2

July 6, 2016

Dataset 6.2.png

What’s New in Dataset 6.2


  • All CSV files are now encoded in UTF-8. When importing CSV data on platforms where UTF-8 is not the default, ensure that the correct encoding is specified in order to properly render diacritics for text variables.
  • v2x_suffrage and v2elsuffrage have been modified with small changes to their respective comprising indices.

Bug fixes:

  • Superfluous variables corresponding to the means of the binary versions of the following variables have been removed: v2exdfdshg, v2exdfdshs, v2exdjcbhg, v2exctlhg, v2exctlhs, v2exrmhsol, v2exrmhgnp.
  • Country specific coding periods were previously incorrectly set for the 6.1 country-date dataset. As a result, 279 observations falling outside of the V-Dem coding periods have been removed.
  • Missing data for the variables v2expathhg and v2exaphogp for Serbia from 1900 to 1941 have been filled in.
  • A bug was fixed regarding the ordinalization of indices. Previously, for the corresponding 5 category ordinal variables, observations that were meant to be 0.75 were incorrectly set as 0.5.

Please visit Data page (https://www.v-dem.net/en/data/data-version-6-2/) to download the dataset in SPSS, STATA, STATA-IC, CSV and EXCEL formats.

The download file also includes the V-Dem codebook (version 6), a “What is New and Changed” document, a list of other useful V-Dem project documents, a “How to Cite” document, and an Excel form for reporting errors.

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