V-Dem Dataset 6.1

April 22, 2016

Version 6.1 of the dataset includes the following updates:


1. Variables “Subnational civil liberties unevenness” and “Subnational election unevenness” have been reversed in order to follow the directionality of other V-Dem variables.

2. “Elected executive index“ and all the downstream electoral indices for North Korea have been updated.

3. Regional government election variables (Regional government exists, Regional government name, Regional government elected) for Portugal have been updated.

4. “Division of power index” now covers additional country-years.

5. Freedom of association index and other downstream indices for Palestine/Gaza have been updated.

Please visit our website (https://v-dem.net/en/data/data-version-6-1/) to download the dataset in SPSS, STATA, STATA-IC or CSV formats. The download file also includes the codebook (version 6), a “What is New and Changed” document, a list of other useful V-Dem project documents, a “How to Cite” document, and an excel form for reporting errors.

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