Updated version of V-Dem dataset is now released!

March 31, 2016

With Version 6, we are releasing new data for 113 countries covering 2013 and 2014, and for 76 of these countries data is also available for 2015 – in addition to the full data for all 173 countries from 1900-2012.

The dataset now includes about 350 unique and disaggregated democracy indicators, 39 mid-level indices, and 5 Varieties of Democracy indices, including a new and better aggregation of the Electoral Democracy index that closely mirrors Robert Dahl’s concept of “Polyarchy”.

Please visit the data page (https://v-dem.net/en/data/data-version-6/) to download the dataset in SPSS, STATA or CSV format. The download file also includes the codebook (version 6), a “What is New and Changed” document, a list of other useful V-Dem project documents, a “How to Cite” document, and an excel form for reporting errors.

The data is also available for analysis through our user-friendly online analysis tools, for which no statistical training is needed: https://v-dem.net/en/analysis/analysis/.


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