Tunisian elections

Dec. 16, 2014 Weekly Graphs

On December 28, 2014 Tunisian voters will choose their first directly elected president in a runoff election. The graph shows the development of election quality in Tunisia since 1956 when the first direct elections were held, and includes indicators for freedom and fairness of elections, levels of vote-buying and intentional irregularities. A higher score on these indicators corresponds to “cleaner” elections.  According to the V-Dem coders fundamental flaws and instances of electoral fraud such as vote-buying, ballot-stuffing, and misreporting of votes have largely affected the outcome of elections in Tunisia up until 2009 when a steep increase of election quality is noticed. To follow the development of democracy there, the V-Dem website will update data on Tunisia and 49 other countries in March 2015. Stay tuned!


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