Report on Policy Day 2017

May 19, 2017

This report provides short summaries from each of the thematic sessions.

1. Democracy

The Democracy session was divided into two panels: “Unevenness in Democracy” and “Accountability and Development”. The panels were moderated by John Gerring (University of Texas at Austin, USA). 

2. Governance

The morning panels on “Corruption and Quality of Government” and “Quality of Government and Effective Democracy”, gave the audience insights on how elections, taxation, gender and cadastral records impact the quality of government. Both panels were moderated by Andreas Bågenholm (QoG, University of Gothenburg).

3. Local Development

The subjects in the morning panels were “Challenges of Representation”, moderated by Lise Rakner (University of Bergen) and “The politics of service provisions”, moderated by Ellen Lust (GLD, University of Gothneburg).

4. Conflict

The morning panels were moderated by Petter Wallensteen. The titles of the panels were: “Monitoring and Preventing Conflicts” and “Promoting Peaceful Societies: The role of institutions and interventions”.


You can acess the report here  Post conference report 2017.pdf (144.4 KB) .



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