Policy Dialogue Day 2019

Jan. 22, 2019 news

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”New Challenges to Democracy, Governance, and Peace” 

Wednesday 22 May 2019,   09.30-17:30

Wallenberg Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden


We are pleased to invite you to the Policy Dialogue Day 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 22, 2019.

This year’s Policy Dialogue Day is organized by the V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) Institute, the QoG (Quality of Government) Institute, GLD-Gothenburg (Program for Governance and Local Development), UCPD (Uppsala Conflict Data Program) and ViEWS (a Political Violence Early-Warning System). The annual policy dialogue conference bridges the gap between analysis and practice and aims to shed light on questions relating to democracy support and governance. The conference serves as a meeting platform for practitioners, policy makers, and academics.

The theme of the Policy Day 2019 is “New Challenges to Democracy, Governance and Peace”. Several large-scale societal changes affect democracy, governance and peace both at national and local level: 

  • expanded access to social media and digital tools is shaking up political communication;
  • rapid changes due to globalization challenge national and local governance; 
  • a rise in identity politics, political exclusion and populism threatens democratic progress and good governance; 
  • and non-state actors are increasingly involved in various aspects of governance. 

These political developments increase polarization and conflictual fault lines within countries. New political realities also reduce the space for international cooperation, including how to respond to crisis and conflict. This policy day will offer fresh insights on these challenges from various angle and provide a platform for practitioners and academics to discuss about new solutions. 

Preliminary Program

08.30-09.30  Registration & Coffee

09.30-10.15  Welcome & Keynote Speech

10.15-10.45  Thematic Coffee Break

10.40-12.30   Parallel Sessions:

Session 1: "The Digital Era: Threat or Opportunity for Democracy, Peace, Governance and Local Development?”

Session 2:  “Exclusion as a Challenge for Governance”

Session 3: “Anticipating New Challenges: Advances in Forecasting Tools” 

12.30-13.45  Lunch

13.45-15.15  Parallel Sessions:

Session 4: “Clientelism as a Challenge for Good Governance and Peace"

Session 5:  "Facing Up to the Challenges: Which Agents of Change Could Solve the Current Challenges?"

Session 6: “Current Challenges to Democratic Elections: Populism, Identity Politics and Clientelism”

15.15-15.30  Coffee Break

15.30-16.30  Plenary Session. Discussion & Closing Remarks

16.30-17.30  Reception


A detailed program is available here:  Program Policy Dialogue Day 2019.pdf (1.5 MB)



V-Dem is a new approach to conceptualizing and measuring  democracy. https://www.v-dem.net/en/

The QoG Institute conducts and promotes research on the nature, causes, and consequences of the Quality of Government. http://qog.pol.gu.se

GLD-Gothenburg aims to explain variation in governance and local development in an effort to promote human welfare globally. http://gld.gu.se

UCDP is the world’s main provider of data on organized violence and the oldest ongoing data collection project for civil war. http://ucdp.uu.se

ViEWS is a rigorous data-based system that provides early warnings for the risk of three types of political violence, using data from UCDP. http://www.pcr.uu.se/research/views/


Register for the Policy Day

Please register by May, 8 2019https://www.eventbrite.com/e/policy-dialogue-day-2019-tickets-55015066545

For questions, please contact Natalia Stepanova, Operations&Outreach Manager at V-Dem, at natalia.stepanova@gu.se


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