New V-Dem Graphing Tools: Create Exciting Results

Oct. 29, 2018 news

V-Dem Institute is releasing eight new and updated Graphing Tools with enhanced customization controls, user interface improvements, new data export format and much more.

The V-Dem Graphing Tools is a new intuitive, accessible and easy to use platform for data visualizations. The platform allows users to analyze 450+ indicators and indices of democracy for all the countries in the world from 1900 to the present day. The reliable and precise nature of the data as well as the lengthy historical coverage is useful not only to scholars studying democracy, but also to governments, practitioners and NGOs all around the world.

With this release, four tools have been updated and four brand new tools have been added. In addition to the new tools, new features include various enhancements to the user interface, clear access to the indicator information, new feature to export data when users have designed their graph in csv format, back-end enhancements including quicker graph generation and functionality. 

Featured Tools

We recommend that you start exploring data with our featured tools: variable and country graphs, interactive maps and motion chart. Simple and user-friendly interfaces allow you to explore 450 aspects of democracy for all countries in the world over the last 100 years.

  1. Variable Graph: compares multiple countries for one index or one variable at a time
  2. Country Graph: displays multiple variables and/or indices for one country over time
  3. Interactive Maps: enables users to quickly generate a world map of any V-Dem indicator for any year
  4. Motion Charts: enables users to explore how the relationship between two variables changes over time. 


NEW Charts Tools

These brand-new tools make it possible to create even more detailed and nuanced charts, complex graphics and heat maps.

  1. Variable Radar Chart: displays multiple variables and/or indices for one country over time in a form of a radar chart
  2. Country Radar Chart: displays multiple countries for one indicator/index in a radar chart
  3. Scatter Chart: displays one indicator/index in a scatter plot
  4. Heat Map: displays one indicator/index on a heat map


Start exploring the Graphing Tools: 

To learn more about the tools, please visit our user Manual on How to Use the Tools.

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