New Feature for Analysis

June 26, 2015

It is available online at:

The toggle option can be used for the Country Graphs tool which displays multiple variables and/or indices for one country over time. The graphs plot rescaled values of the indicators using a scale from Min to Max. With the toggle option, users are able to display the original scale for one variable at a time!

To try-out the toogle function for the Country Graph:

1.     Select ONE country.

2.     Select SEVERAL indicators either by variety of democracy, by component, by indicator or from the alphabetical list provided.

3.     Adjust your date range.

4.     Press ‘’Generate Graph’’

5.     Tick the box next to the indicator for which you would like to see the scale! 

toogle option.png

The online analysis tools were specially designed for graphical presentation of the V-Dem data. They allow users to analyze 400+ indicators and indices of democracy in 120 countries from 1900 to the present day. Data for 173 countries of the world will be available by December 2015. The reliable, precise nature of the indicators as well as their lengthy historical coverage is expected to be useful not just to scholars studying why democracy succeeds or fails, but also to governments and NGOs.

More new features will be available during Fall 2015! Stay tuned!

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