March 31: V-Dem New Data Release!

March 10, 2016

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We previously released all data for 173 countries 1900-2012. Now we are releasing new data for 113 countries covering 2013 and 2014. For 76 of these countries there is also new data for 2015!

The datasets contains about 350 unique and disaggregated democracy indicators, 34 mid-level indices, and 5 high-level indices (electoral, liberal, participatory, deliberative and egalitarian democracy) from 1900 to today. 


The following 37 countries were updated for 2013-2014:

Australia Denmark Mauritius South Africa
Bangladesh Dominican Republic Mexico Spain
Barbados Egypt Namibia Sri Lanka
Belgium Finland Netherlands Sweden
Botswana Germany Norway Switzerland
Bulgaria India Pakistan Uruguay
Canada Indonesia Palestine/Gaza Vanuatu
Cape Verde Japan Palestine/West Bank  
Chile Korea, South Papua New Guinea  
China Libya Peru  


The following 76 countries were updated for 2013-2015:

Afghanistan East Timor Macedonia Somalia
Algeria El Salvador Malawi Somaliland
Argentina Eritrea Maldives South Sudan
Armenia Estonia Moldova Sudan
Azerbaijan Ethiopia Mongolia Suriname
Belarus Fiji Morocco Syria
Benin Georgia Mozambique Taiwan
Bhutan Ghana Nepal Tajikistan
Bolivia Guyana Nigeria Tanzania
Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran Paraguay Thailand
Brazil Iraq Philippines Tunisia
Burkina Faso Jordan Poland Turkey
Burma/Myanmar Kazakhstan Portugal Uganda
Burundi Kenya Qatar Ukraine
Cambodia Kosovo Romania United States
Cameroon Kyrgyzstan Russia Uzbekistan
Colombia Latvia Rwanda Yemen
Costa Rica Lebanon Slovenia Zambia
Cuba Lithuania Solomon Islands Zimbabwe


V-Dem dataset is the largest of its kind and the most comprehensive database on democracy, enabling a vast research agenda and nuanced descriptive analyses that are comparable across time and space. The current dataset can be downloaded from the V-Dem website, free of charge, via: .


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