Jobs at V-Dem: Researchers (1-2)

Dec. 1, 2016

1-2 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is a large-scale data collection and research program, see The V-Dem Institute, Directed by Professor Staffan I. Lindberg, has several large-scale grants from among others the European Commission, several ministries of foreign affairs, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the Swedish Research Council, Marcus & Marianne Walenberg’s Foundation, and Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

The position is open to candidates who (at the time of assuming the position) have a PhD in political science or related field.

V-Dem is seeking to replenish our research agenda and are therefore looking for scholars who have completed their degree no more than four years before the application deadline; present exciting new ideas; and that have a strong record of accomplishments in or more of the following areas:

•    Comparative democratization (e.g., sequencing of democratization, democracy and development, democracy and governance/corruption, elections and democratization, or other areas);

•    Regional expertise;

•    Research methods (e.g., aggregation, Bayesian IRT-modeling, experiments, expert coding in data collection, causal inference in time series analysis, sequencing algorithms and methods, or related methods);

•    Previous experience from larger-scale research- and other projects are meritorious, as well as competencies in data management.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellow is expected to conduct research primarily in collaboration with the Principal Investigator of V-Dem, Staffan I. Lindberg, with a focus on one or several of the main questions of the research program.

One of V-Dem’s strengths is the flexibility and collaborative spirit of everyone at the institute, focusing on reaching the goals of the data collection and research program. This includes a willingness to contribute to coding of data, quality control, data management and/or teaching during peak periods. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow may be asked to perform such tasks up to one-third of full time employment (FTE).

Excellence in English (orally and written) is expected, competence in Arabic, French, Spanish and/or Portuguese is a merit.

How to apply

Applicants are expected to visit the website  and download the program description document titled "V-Dem Research Program" or "Research Program "Failing and Successful Sequences of Democratization". Please read both program descriptions below and state clearly in your application how your proposed research would fit into one/both of them.

The letter of application should include a self-evaluation of how the applicant’s proposed research agenda would contribute to the V-Dem research program, and in which ways the applicant meets the requirements specified above.

Attach to the application: a CV an excerpt of citation count from Google scholar (including H-index), and one writing sample. The application should also include a list of at least three references from whom letters of recommendation can be solicited.


January, 16 2017

Applications are submitted online

About the University

The Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, is a leading Political Science department in the Nordic countries. The department hosts several large research programs, including the Quality of Government Institute (QoG), the Centre for European Research (CERGU), the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute, the Media, Opinion and Democracy (MOD), and the National Election Studies. The department is also a key actor in the SOM Institute responsible for comprehensive annual public opinion surveys. It has 140 employees, out of which more than 70 are faculty and researchers, and it hosts about 1,400 students. The department offers courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in both English and Swedish.

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