International Democracy Day!

Sept. 15, 2016 Weekly Graphs

The V-Dem Equal Distribution of Resources’ Index measures power distribution by socioeconomic position, social group, and gender; equality in health and education; and the breadth of welfare program coverage. These features are important for citizens from a democratic point of view because they tend to reduce inequalities in the political decision-making process. Hence, this index captures the goals of this year’s theme for International Democracy Day.

In this week’s graph the ‘Least Developed Countries’ (LDC), as designated by UNESCO, are in the spotlight. In addition, we include compare the LDC country Cambodia with a former LDC country, Botswana, and a highly developed country, Norway. LDC countries are generally the most challenged regarding sustainable development. Overall, the general trend for the LDCs has been positive. We can see an increase in the index since the 1940s. However, the positive trend has been followed by stagnation since the 2000s. Moreover, the general overview significant variation between countries.

Botswana, a former LDC, has performed fairly well since independence. Cambodia experienced a declining record following the Khmer Rouge regime and the occupation by Vietnamese forces but the situation in the country has progressed since the mid-1990s, so the current level is very similar to the level just after independence from France was gained in 1953. Lastly, Norway has consistently performed well with levels in 1900 only matched by Botswana in mid 2010s.

You can find out more about the Equal Distribution of Resources Index and much more on using the online analysis tools. 

Equal distribution.png

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