Follow-up V-Dem & ANTICORRP Conference

May 23, 2016

The conference featured not only Principal Investigators and Project Managers from the V-Dem Institute and the ANTICORRP project, but counted among its speakers leading experts on democratization, democracy, good government and corruption from 50+ organizations. After presenting academic results and findings, the tables were turned and the policy representatives were able to share their views and ideas.

The key questions identified during the conferences were: how can academia and practitioners better collaborate to identify research needs and areas and facilitate the use of research findings and create feedback loops? What are good examples of key research findings being used in practice, e.g. in policy/political platforms and institutions, to overcome challenges and provide solutions for democracies?

For instance, for organizations that are working with development and democracy support, there is a pressing need to know if there are good and bad sequences of democratization. Academia can contribute to this mission by providing theories and by shedding light on what to support during which stage of democratization. 

During the conference, it was also discussed how comparative social science research can assist this cause by providing research on drivers behind corruption and the most suitable approaches to fighting it. While there is general agreement about the negative impact of corruption on democracy, and sustainable and equitable development, surprisingly little is known about how to most effectively reduce corruption. Discussions during the conference revolved around theories of change which potentially can be of use for the anti-corruption community.

We would like to thank all participants for their useful comments and fruitful discussions!

The next annual conference is planned for early May 2017, the exact date will be announced within the coming months.


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