Equal Distribution of resources in Colombia

Oct. 25, 2016 Weekly Graphs

The Norwegian Nobel Committee stated that only by a peace and reconciliation process can the country effectively address challenges such as poverty and social injustice. By using the V-Dem online analysis graphing tool, this week’s graph takes a closer look at resource distribution in Colombia compared with South America as a whole from 1940 until 2012.

The Equal Distribution of Resources index contains measurements of power distribution by socioeconomic position, social group and gender; equality in health and education; and the breadth of welfare program coverage. The graph shows an overall upward trajectory both for Colombia and South America. Colombia experienced a drastic increase in the equality of resources after the adoption of a new constitution in 1991, emphasizing improved access to power for all social groups and an increase in health equality. However, despite this improvement in the 1990s Colombia is still below the South American average, and does not appear to be moving towards more equal distribution right now. Colombia has remained stagnant since its increase in the 1990s, while distribution in South America has been becoming more equal. Despite setbacks with the recent referendum, peace will hopefully be achieved and perhaps bring Colombia a step closer to further reducing poverty and social injustice.

You can always find out more about the equal distribution of resources index or analyze other indicators for Colombia, or any other country, by using the online analysis tool at v-dem.net




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