Enthronement Ceremony in Japan

Oct. 21, 2019 Weekly Graphs

On October 22nd, Japan will hold the enthronement ceremony for its new Emperor. Naruhito became the new Japanese head of state after his father, Emperor Akhito, abdicated the throne in April, becoming the first Japanese emperor to do so in 200 years. Despite the change of Emperor, Shinzō Abe remains the Prime Minister of Japan. V-Dem’s Interactive Map shows whether the Head of State (HOS) is also the Head of Government (HOG).

V-Dem’s HOS = HOG indicator considers whether the head of state and head of government are the same person of body, regardless of the relative powers of the two. Countries marked in darker blue (one) have a single person acting as the HOG and HOS in 2018. Those marked in lighter blue (zero) have different persons in these two roles.

The Interactive Map shows that, in 2018, the majority of countries in the world had a different person or body for HOS and HOG. On a regional perspective, most countries in Europe and Asia have different HOS and HOG, while it is more common to have one single entity in the Americas.

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