Electoral Campaign Funding in France

April 13, 2017 Weekly Graphs

Electoral campaigns are expensive and money might be used as a strong political weapon. France is about to elect its new president. The first round takes place on April 23rd and the second on May 7th.  This week we take a closer look at the disclosure requirements of campaign donations in France, Germany and the average among current European Union member states.

The Disclosure of Campaign Donations Indicator measures to what extent there are disclosure requirements for donations to national election campaigns. The higher the value on the indicator, the more comprehensive, controlled and enforced are the disclosure requirements of donations to electoral campaigns. As we can see in the graph, the requirements to disclose donations has increased incrementally in France since the late ‘70s and are now substantially above the average among the European Union countries and slightly above the German level of disclosure requirement. However, the difference between France and Germany should not be put too much emphasize on since the confidence intervals are overlapping. 

To learn more about electoral campaigns across the globe, use the V-Dem Online Analysis Tool on v-dem.net


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