Elections in Kosovo

June 27, 2017 Weekly Graphs

In last week’s graph we took a look at the upcoming parliamentary elections in Albania.  Elections were also held in the neighboring country of Kosovo. Triggered by a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Isa Mustafa a snap election was held on June 11. Preliminary results point at the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) Coalition as the largest vote-getter, followed by the opposition party Vetëvendosje. This week’s graph will take a look at V-Dem’s data on the seat share won by the largest party versus the second largest party since the first Kosovan national elections in 2001 until the 2014 election.

The indicators measures what percentage of the total elected seats in the lower, or unicameral as in the case of Kosovo, chamber of the legislature was obtained by the largest party and the second largest party. By looking at the graph we can see that the difference between the largest party’s share of the seats and the second largest party’s share of the seats has become smaller over time. If this trend continuous we will soon know ones the results are set.

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