Elections in Albania

June 7, 2017 Weekly Graphs

However, after a series of ongoing anti-government protest from the opposition parties over the level of government corruption, the country’s drug situation and the demand for free elections, opposition parties boycotted the upcoming parliamentary elections.

After a three months long political stalemate the Prime Minister and the opposition leader reached a deal on holding elections, scheduled for June 25, in which all parties will now take part. This week’s graph will take a look to what extent elections are free and fair in Albania as compared to the average of the countries in the Balkan region. The Clean Elections Index measures to what extend elections are free and fair.  More precisely, free and fair connotes an absence of registration fraud, systematic irregularities, government intimidation of the opposition, vote buying, and election violence.

By looking at the graph, we can see that Albania has been below the average in the region in regard to the extent of clean elections, however still within the confidence intervals. After a noticeable drop for the 1996 elections Albania took an upward trajectory, and hopefully the upcoming elections will follow this tentative, yet positive, trend.

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clean Alb.png


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