Distribution of Power Resources in Timor-Leste

May 26, 2015 Weekly Graphs

Inthe 16th century, Timor-Leste was colonized by Portugal. The country declared its independence in 1975, but was invaded and occupied by Indonesia later that same year. In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia lost control of the territory, and Timor-Leste became a sovereign state and formally independent in 2002.Overall, a somewhat consistent development over time can be observed among the power distribution indicators. Both the end of Portuguese supremacy and Indonesian occupation let to increased equality regarding the distribution of power resources. However, there overview also shows that there is still much room for improvements in all the depicted areas. Especially noteworthy is the inequality in education, which can be understood as an important resource for the citizens in Timor-Leste regarding the exercise of basic and political rights.

timor leste.png

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