Cooperation Agreement between International IDEA and V-DEM signed

Oct. 15, 2014

Through the project with International IDEA, V-Dem receives funding of €260 000 for data collection and research. International IDEA will use these data in the development of comparative knowledge resources, and in supporting citizens to assess the quality of democracy in their countries using both qualitative and quantitative data and approaches.

The ambitions of International IDEA and V-Dem are organised around four main components namely data collection, knowledge resources development, convening platforms, and capacity building.

The first activity will start in early 2015 and will include update of existing V-Dem data on 30 countries for the period 2013-2015.

This will be supplemented by full data collection 1900-2015 in five selected island states in the Asia-Pacific.

By October, 2014 V-Dem has successfully collected data on 168 countries, generating some 15 million data across 329 indicators, as well as several indices of varying forms of democracy. 88 countries’ trajectories are already available for online analysis and graphing ( and the new data for the 30 countries’ data will be online by May 2015. Users from anywhere can then use the online analysis tools to view the results and assess their countries’ own democratic development since the last century.  All data will be downloadable from the V-Dem website as a public good by December 2015.

International IDEA’s State of Democracy assessment methodology empowers citizens to assess their own democracy and to identify policy steps needed to improve the quality of that democracy. More information can be found on

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