Coming soon: V-Dem dataset version 8

March 28, 2018 news

Coming soon: Varieties of Democracy is releasing an even bigger dataset on democracy!

In April 2018, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is releasing a new version of the democracy dataset – version 8 - covering 202 countries and going back to 1789!

The dataset contains more than 350 unique and disaggregated democracy indicators, 47 mid-level indices, and 5 high-level indices (electoral, liberal, participatory, deliberative and egalitarian democracy).

Providing data on democracy going back to the 18th century for some 130 of the variables and for many indices is an important milestone for the project and a truly unique feature of the V-Dem data.

The integration of data from Historical V-Dem (, is expanding a large share of the V-Dem indicators back in time for about 80 polities. Of these, a number still exist today and is now covered 1789-2017. Historical V-Dem also introduces a set of new indicators, for instance on the state and features of the bureaucracy, as well as on regimes and their supporting groups.

Sneak peek of V-Dem V8 Dataset:

  • Countries: 202
  • Year coverage: 1789-2017
  • 350+ indicators, 47 mid-indices and 5 high-level indices
  • Updated Codebook and reference materials
  • Available free of charge for download as SPSS, STATA, STATA-IC, CSV and EXCEL
  • Available in Country-Year and Country-Date versions as well as a large version with 300 variables from other sources.
  • Raw data is provided by 3,000 local Country Experts from all around the world

The 2018 V-Dem Democracy report will be published in May.

Stay tuned!


Skärmavbild 2018-03-28 kl. 16.07.59.png

Graph: Sweden 1789-2017, variable "Freedom of academic and cultural expression", data from V-Dem Dataset V8

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