Capacity Building Workshop in Stockholm

April 14, 2015

The general objective of the workshop was to present and discuss the V-Dem data with the democracy practitioners working at IDEA. Josefine Perners, V-Dem's Program and Financial Manager, together with Valeriya Mechkova and Frida Andersson, Analysts at V-Dem, provided insight and tips on how to use the V-Dem data most efficiently for assessing progress in the aspects of democracy and countries the participants were mostly interested in. Through hands on sessions and practical exercises participants learned how to generate country profiles in different thematic areas, allowing them to develop their own graphs. The training also gave insight on how to correctly interpret the created graphs, and finally, how to most efficiently navigate in the V-Dem codebook and website. The V-Dem team also got acquainted with the staff working at IDEA, their core activities and planned events.

Stockholm 1.JPG

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