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Oct. 11, 2018 news

Data Manager to the Department of Political Science and the V-Dem institute

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The Department of political science, University of Gothenburg, is one of the leading Political Science departments in the Nordic countries. The vibrant department houses several large research institutes such as the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Institute, The Quality of Government (QoG) Institute, the Multidisciplinary Opinion & Democracy Research Group (MOD), the National Election Studies, and the Program on Governance and Local Development at Gothenburg (GLD-G). The department is also leading partner in the SOM Institute. The department hosts 140 employees, out of which more than 70 are faculty and researchers, and 1,400 students.

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), headquartered at the V-Dem Institute, is a large-scale data collection and research-program offering a new approach to conceptualize and measure democracy. In contrast to other democracy indices, V-Dem collects data on seven main types of democracy from 1789-today. Data for the 400+ indicators are collected through a yearly data collection cycle and by the assistance of 3,000 local experts, the resulting dataset is the largest of its kind. The data is a public good which have been used by more than 70,000 users globally. V-Dem has also developed a set of online resources for analyzing, tracking and benchmarking of strengths and weaknesses of democracy in all countries. Students, NGOs, governments, development agencies, and media across the world can benefit from the nuanced, comparative and historical data. In addition to data collection and a cutting-edge research program, V-Dem collaborates with organizations such as the World Bank, Foreign Ministries, International IDEA and UNDP, among many others.

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The Department of Political Science is now looking for a database manger to complement the data team at the V-Dem institute

Job assignments

The main assignment is to work with processing of the collected V-Dem data. This includes quality control checks, data cleaning, running and managing V-Dem’s Bayesian item response theory measurement model, and running index aggregations. It also includes to work with the construction of the annual V-Dem dataset, released every spring. The job assignment also includes maintenance and development of scripts in mainly in R. Other assignments may include data collection, assisting various research projects with modeling, analysis and diagnostics, as well as authoring reports.


An advanced degree is required, for instance in Political Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Data Science or Computer Science.

The applicant must have knowledge in statistical methods and the statistical programming language R. Experience of data curation, data processing diagnostics, and quality control as well as experience of working in a large-scale research project is preferred. Experience with working with V-Dem data and methodology is a merit. 

Applicants with experience in advanced programming in R using Rcpp, working with databases such as PostgreSQL, familiarity with GNU/Linux systems, and/or experience with high-performance computing will be prioritized.

Excellent planning and organizational skills are a requirement, as well as being detail-oriented and an experienced problem solver. The job assignment is team based. Personal qualities such as communication and collaborative skills are therefore of great importance.

Very good communication skills are needed both in spoken and written English, which is the working language at the V-Dem institute.

Appointment procedure: The call has ended.

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