Research Workshop “Democracy in Reverse"

In what ways can we compare and better understand patterns of autocratization in the post-communist world? Autocratization can be seen as a process, in which democratic institutions, rights and practices are curtailed or undermined – to the point, of course, where an autocratic regime takes hold.

Call: Country Coordinator on Brunei

We are searching for Country Coordinator on Brunei!

UN Remarks to the Policy Dialogue Day

Secretary-General's Senior Advisor on Policy Ms. Ana María Menéndez - remarks to the Policy Dialogue Day 2018.

“Democracy for All?” – The V-Dem Annual Democracy Report 2018

Key finding: Global levels of democracy remain high, but autocratization – the decline of democratic attributes – affects 2.5 billion people and is gaining momentum. 

International Policy Day on Democracy Support and Governance

Research shows that countries with women in parliaments are more likely to achieve developmental goals that are of importance to women. In some African countries, it has led to lower levels of maternal mortality for both mothers and children. During an international conference at the University of Gothenburg on May 30, leading researchers and decision makers will gather to discuss, among other things, how the role of women in development and foreign policy can contribute to creating more equal societies.

Call: Country Experts for V-Dem

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is looking for Country Experts.

V-Dem Dataset v8 is released

The Varieties of Democracy Project is releasing a groundbreaking dataset with new data from 1789-2017!

Coming soon: V-Dem dataset version 8

In April 2018, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is releasing a new version of the democracy dataset – version 8 - covering 202 countries and going back to 1789! 

Free download book "Varieties of Democracy in Southern Europe"

Available for free download

Policy Dialogue Day 2018

”New Research = Better Policies: Insights on Democracy, Governance, and Armed Conflict”.

This year’s Policy Dialogue Day is organized by the V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) Institute, the QoG (Quality of Government) Institute, GLD-Gothenburg (Program for Governance and Local Development), UCPD (Uppsala Conflict Data Program) and ViEWS (a Political Violence Early-Warning System). 

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