8th of March - International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2017 Weekly Graphs

We compare the development of the Women’s Political Empowerment Index in different parts of the world by using the Variable Graph Tool. Women’s political power is defined as a process of increasing capacity for women, leading to greater choice, agency, and participation in societal decision-making. It is understood as incorporating three equally-weighted dimensions: fundamental civil liberties for women, women’s open discussion of political issues and women’s participation in civil society organizations, and the descriptive representation of women in formal political positions.

In the graph we can see that Western Europe has the highest scores on the index among the regions, and has increased consistently since 1920, however with minor downturns during the Second World War. When looking at South America, Southeast Asia and the MENA region, the index has followed a more erratic trajectory than in Western Europe. However, by 1980 the regions took steadier upward trajectories and the index is still increasing. South America made tremendous progress and has today the second-highest level. Southeast Asia experienced similar progress however with a less extensive success rate. Only the MENA region experienced the smallest increase over the last 30 years.

To learn more about the Women’s Political Empowerment Index across the globe, use the V-Dem Online Analysis Tool on v-dem.net.

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