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Staffan I. Lindberg


Professor, Dept. of Political Science, U of Gothenburg
Principal Investigator, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)
Wallenberg Academy Fellow
Member, Young Academy of Sweden
Member, Board of U of Gothenburg


Seraphine F. Maerz (on leave)

Deputy Director

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Gothenburg

Program Management Unit

Garry Hindle.jpeg

Garry Hindle

Managing Director

Garry has overall responsibility for and management of the Institute’s activities, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Direction of IT and infrastructure improvement 
  • Organisational change and business process improvement
  • Donor relations, international partnerships and fundraising
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Oversight of the Institute’s data collection activities.


Josefine Pernes (on leave)

Program and Finance Director

  • Program Manager for DEMSCORE
  • Overall responsibility for strategic and operational financial planning.

Nazifa Alizada.jpg

Nazifa Alizada

Operations & Outreach Manager

  • Program management and implementation: design, planning and implementation of Institute activities;
  • Establishment and liaison with regional offices;
  • Organization and coordination of international conferences, capacity development events;
  • Communication and outreach tasks, production and commissioning of related materials
  • Working Papers series editor
  • Responsibility for Visiting Scholar Program
  • Internship coordinator
  • Oversees the data collection processes and procedures relating to the V-Dem data, and is responsible for C-data collection;
  • Website and interface development

Natalia Natsika.JPG

Natalia Natsika

Program & Research Assistant

  • Works with the following projects: Pandemic Backsliding, the Oversight Board, and the Case for Democracy

  • Provides assistance to research projects, organizational tasks, data collection, drafting of reports, and other project activities

Data Management Unit


Lisa Gastaldi

Data Analyst & Program Coordinator

  • Overall coordination of the data collection, processing and quality control of the V-Dem data;
  • Responsibility for the main reference documents, the online database management, and the release of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Activities relating to data collection involving country experts.
  • Producing V-Dem briefing papers and country briefs;
  • Involvement in research projects, related to democracy, governance and human development; elections and inequality; democratization by elections;
  • Communication with partner organizations such as IDEA, UNDP, European Commission.
  • Data Analyst & Program Coordinator for DEMSCORE


Johannes von Römer

Research Software Engineer

  • Data cleaning and quality control checks;
  • Running V-Dem’s Bayesian Item Response Theory Measurement Model as well as index aggregations;
  • Construction of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base.
  • Data Scientist for DEMSCORE




Nina Ilchenko.jpg

Nina Ilchenko (on leave)

Data Manager

  • Data cleaning and quality control checks;
  • Assists in the construction of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Assists in the maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base.


Sandra Grahn

Analyst & Junior Data Manager
  • Assists in data cleaning and quality control checks, the construction of the V-Dem dataset, as well as in the maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base

  • Responsibilities within the data collection process and related to the release of the V-Dem dataset, and the main reference documents

  • Research coordinator for the Pandemic Backsliding project

  • Analyst and researcher in projects related to democratization, autocratization, and populism