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Staffan I. Lindberg


Professor, Dept. of Political Science, U of Gothenburg
Principal Investigator, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)
Wallenberg Academy Fellow
Member, Young Academy of Sweden
Member, Board of U of Gothenburg



Garry Hindle.jpeg

Garry Hindle

Managing Director

Garry has overall responsibility for and management of the Institute’s activities, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Direction of IT and infrastructure improvement 
  • Organisational change and business process improvement
  • Donor relations, international partnerships and fundraising
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Oversight of the Institute’s data collection activities.


Josefine Pernes (on leave)

Program and Finance Director

  • Program Manager for DEMSCORE
  • Overall responsibility for strategic and operational financial planning.

Nazifa Alizada.jpg

Nazifa Alizada

Operations & Outreach Manager

  • Program management and implementation: design, planning and implementation of Institute activities;
  • Establishment and liaison with regional offices;
  • Organization and coordination of international conferences, capacity development events;
  • Communication and outreach tasks, production and commissioning of related materials
  • Working Papers series editor
  • Responsibility for Visiting Scholar Program
  • Internship coordinator
  • Oversees the data collection processes and procedures relating to the V-Dem data, and is responsible for C-data collection;
  • Website and interface development

Natalia Natsika.JPG

Natalia Natsika

Program & Research Assistant

  • Works with the following projects: Pandemic Backsliding, the Oversight Board, and the Case for Democracy

  • Provides assistance to research projects, organizational tasks, data collection, drafting of reports, and other project activities

Data Management Unit


Lisa Gastaldi

Data Analyst & Program Coordinator

  • Overall coordination of the data collection, processing and quality control of the V-Dem data;
  • Responsibility for the main reference documents, the online database management, and the release of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Activities relating to data collection involving country experts.
  • Producing V-Dem briefing papers and country briefs;
  • Involvement in research projects, related to democracy, governance and human development; elections and inequality; democratization by elections;
  • Communication with partner organizations such as IDEA, UNDP, European Commission.
  • Data Analyst & Program Coordinator for DEMSCORE


Johannes von Römer

Research Software Engineer

  • Data cleaning and quality control checks;
  • Running V-Dem’s Bayesian Item Response Theory Measurement Model as well as index aggregations;
  • Construction of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base.
  • Data Scientist for DEMSCORE




Nina Ilchenko.jpg

Nina Ilchenko (on leave)

Data Manager

  • Data cleaning and quality control checks;
  • Assists in the construction of the V-Dem dataset;
  • Assists in the maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base.


Sandra Grahn

Analyst & Junior Data Manager
  • Assists in data cleaning and quality control checks, the construction of the V-Dem dataset, as well as in the maintenance and development of the V-Dem code base

  • Responsibilities within the data collection process and related to the release of the V-Dem dataset, and the main reference documents

  • Research coordinator for the Pandemic Backsliding project

  • Analyst and researcher in projects related to democratization, autocratization, and populism