Kellogg Institute

V-Dem is very much a collaborative effort. The V-Dem Regional Center in North America is based at the Kellogg Institute at the University of Notre Dame. 

The V-Dem team at Notre Dame worked with the development of software for the research database and the web interfaces and also administered data collection in the Americas. The Kellogg Institute cosponsored the first such unveiling in Latin America in Santiago, Chile in January 2014. More information at: http://kellogg.nd.edu/faculty/news/vdem4.shtml .

Funding from the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has allowed the team to move forward on three subprojects:

  • Building composite measures of democracy by aggregating specific indicators into more general dimensions
  • Identifying the stages and sequencing of the democratization process, including early warning signs of democratic breakdowns 
  • Analyzing processes of diffusion, including how and under what conditions democracy spreads.

In addition, a recent National Science Foundation grant to Notre Dame and two other US universities underwrites analysis of the impact of various aspects of democracy on health, education, economic growth, and other outcomes.

Kellogg Community Involvement

V-Dem has benefitted from the involvement of the entire Kellogg community: 

  • Kellogg faculty fellows and graduate students give input through the Democracy Working Group
  • Co-PIs and project leaders have visited the Institute to lecture and take part in working sessions.
  • Co-PI John Gerring was a 2011–12 Kellogg visiting fellow (read about his time at Kellogg here). Project manager David Altman was a visiting fellow in fall 2012.
  • Undergraduate international scholars have helped build a database of potential country experts, gathered data on legislatures, and helped to edit the project’s website.
  • Kellogg PhD fellows and dissertation year fellows serve as project research assistants. 
  • A Kellogg collaborative faculty grant (twice renewed) provided a boost to the project in its early days.  The Institute continues to provide funding and staff support for V-Dem.